Buy or Lease a Car in Dayton

Buying & Leasing How Do They Differ?

Shopping for a new or used Honda model is an exciting time in a driver's life, and whether you're new to the process or you've been through it before, the idea of financing is typically a bit uncomfortable. Digging through your finances and making a decision about what you can afford can sometimes be grueling, but with our help, it can be a happy time. We want to help you decide whether a lease or a loan is the right way to go, and you should know what you're in for during the process.

Should I Lease or Buy My New Honda Vehicle?

Often our customers have trouble choosing between a Honda lease or loan, and it isn't always for the reason you would think. The difference between a lease and a loan can sometimes be confusing, and our customers should know which is the best fit for you before you come in for a test drive. Here is a quick breakdown of the differences that may make or break your decision.

  • Leasing may mean lower monthly payments, but you won't get a break from them since you will be taking a new lease every few years, unlike a car loan. With a loan, you eventually have a payoff, and you own that Honda Civic outright.
  • With buying, you can put as much mileage on your vehicle, while also allowing you to customize your Honda Pilot or Accord. With leasing, you can't change anything about the model, and you will have limitations on your mileage.
  • If a Honda Clarity has been tempting you lately, leasing will ensure that in a few years, you can upgrade to the absolute latest and greatest models, while buying requires you to deal with trading in your current ride, suffering the loss in value, and more.
  • With a lease, you may not have to put money down, while you will most likely require one for your new Honda Ridgeline.
  • When you choose to lease, you only have the option of a brand-new vehicle, while buying opens up the possibility of used models.
  • Repairs are never fun, but whether or not you do it yourself, buying and leasing have very different rules. Buying means you are responsible for the repairs, while leasing covers the routine maintenance items, which takes a lot off your plate.
  • A new Honda Odyssey is accommodating and comfortable, and when you buy one, you will suffer the unfortunate depreciation that happens once you drive off the lot. With leasing, you don't need to worry about depreciation because depreciation isn't a factor for lessees.

If you have more questions about leasing and buying your next Honda model, contact our team, and we'll help you choose the right path for yourself. You know what you can afford, and with our help, you can discover the right lease or loan terms for your lifestyle. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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