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You know how important your vehicle's tires are to the operation of your Honda Accord or Civic, but there are so many aspects to selecting the right tire and maintaining these important items. Our parts team has the selection of new Honda vehicle tires ready to be sold to you and placed on your vehicle to enhance your traction and continue helping you stay the course.

Your Honda Tire Questions Answered

We hear a lot of questions from our customers regarding the frequency of changing your tires, rotation intervals, and how to check the tread depth. Rather than leave you in the dark or have you guess, our team is always here to answer your questions.

After you've read through these FAQs and are still unsure, or you are ready to discuss your needs with us, reach out to our team today. You can also use the form below to request the tires that you are most interested in and let us take care of the rest.


What Is the Difference Between Snow and All-Season Tires?

Whether you drive a Honda CR-V or a Pilot, your tires play an integral part in your safety, so knowing when you need to swap out your summer or all-season tires for snow tires is key. Yes, we know that all-season tires claim to be appropriate for all seasons, but snow tires are designed to enhance traction in snow thanks to a special rubber designed to withstand temperature drops. While all-season or summer tires perform best on dry surfaces or when roads are wet from rain, snow tires are less likely to handle these conditions.

How Much Air Do My Tires Need?

Don't make the mistake of over-inflating your tire or letting it run low. You can find the appropriate amount of air required for your tires on the driver's side doorjamb. Always check your pressure to ensure it's at the right level.

What Size Tires Does My Honda Car, Truck, or SUV Need?

The tires you put on your Honda HR-V may differ from those you place on your Honda Odyssey, so it's best to know how to locate the sizing for tires that will help your vehicle perform best. On the front of the tire, just above the rim, you'll see a serious of numbers, with P235/75R15, P205/65R15, and the P215/70R15 being the more common. These tell you what width they are, tire type, wheel diameter, construction, and aspect ratio. If you aren't sure, your owner's manual and our team can help.

Do I Need New Tires?

Is your tire unable to hold air, fails the penny test, or have something poking out from it? Any of these signs are proof that your tire needs immediate attention and that your vehicle should come to our service team. If you use the penny test, you should never see the top of Abe's head when inserted upside down in the tread. If your tread seems to be wearing unevenly, or there is excessive wear in the center of the tread, these signal over inflation or alignment problems.

How Do I Rotate My Tires?

Most vehicles have their tires rotated with every oil change, but your owner's manual can give you clues as to whether this is right for your vehicle. Our service team is also ready to answer your questions regarding your tires or your Honda model.
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