Honda Apple CarPlay Overview

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One of the most revolutionary features found inside Honda vehicles is certainly Apple CarPlay™ smartphone integration. Offering both safety and convenience, this innovative feature lets you enjoy all of your favorite apps and media directly on the touchscreen display inside your Honda vehicle along with options that keep your eyes safely on the road ahead. To provide you with a more thorough understanding of exactly how Apple CarPlay™ works and which Honda models are compatible with this great feature, our team at Germain Honda of Beavercreek has assembled this helpful guide that will answer all of your questions. Let’s dive in!

What is Apple CarPlay™ and How Does Apple CarPlay™ Work?

Honda Pilot Apple CarPlay

With the introduction of Apple CarPlay™ smartphone integration, drivers can now enjoy a safer and more engaging infotainment experience. Available in both wired and wireless versions (availability varies by model and trim level), this clever feature eliminates the need to interact with your phone in order to access your favorite apps and media. AppleCarPlay™ projects apps from your iPhone and displays them on the infotainment display. In order to take advantage of this feature, you’ll need at least an iPhone 5 and IOS 7.1.

For wired connections, simply connect your compatible iPhone to the USB port inside your vehicle using a compatible cable. Next, you’ll select the Apple CarPlay™ icon on the home screen of your vehicle’s touchscreen. This process will begin syncing apps from your phone and mirroring them on the infotainment display. Wireless versions work in a similar fashion, using Bluetooth connectivity to pair your phone with your Honda vehicle’s infotainment system.

On most compatible Honda models, you’ll have three different ways to control Apple CarPlay™:

Honda Voice Control

Use Siri Voice Control

Once the button on the steering wheel is pressed, you can use only the sound of your voice to control the system and keep your eyes safely on the road.

Honda Apple CarPlay Touchscreen

Use the Touchscreen Display

Control your favorite features from your smartphone right from the infotainment display inside your vehicle! It’s certainly the easiest and most convenient way to access your favorite apps.

Honda Apple CarPlay Buttons Knobs

Buttons & Knobs

Mounted on the steering wheel, center console, or below the touchscreen (depending on model), physical buttons and knobs can also help you control your favorite features of AppleCarPlay™.

Note: Once your phone is connected to CarPlay™, the screen will lock preventing any temptation to use it while driving.

What Apps Work with Apple CarPlay™?

Honda Apple CarPlay Apps

Apple CarPlay™ is preloaded with Phone, Messaging, and Maps apps. Siri voice commands can also help you complete calls, send and read text messages, and coordinate addresses from your contacts, calendars, emails, and text messages. Other music apps available on Apple CarPlay™ include Apple Beats Music, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Stitcher. Apple is continuously adding new features and apps based on those that it deems appropriate and safe for in-vehicle usage.

Which Current Honda Vehicles Have Apple CarPlay™?

Apple CarPlay™ is standard across the entire Honda model lineup with wireless compatibility offered on many of the most popular models as well. Listed below is a breakdown of the current availability of Apple CarPlay™ across the Honda lineup.

  • 2024 Accord (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Accord Hybrid (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Civic Hatchback (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Civic Sedan (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Civic Si Sedan (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Civic Type R (standard on all models)
  • 2024 CR-V (standard on all models)
  • 2024 CR-V Hybrid (standard on all models)
  • 2025 HR-V (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Odyssey (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Passport (standard on all models)
  • 2025 Pilot (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Prologue (standard on all models)
  • 2024 Ridgeline (standard on all models)