Vehicle Exchange Program in Dayton, OH

Honda Trade-in & Vehicle Exchange Program in Dayton, OH

Have you been dreaming of getting behind the wheel of a newer Honda equipped with the most current technology, styling, and safety features? It might seem “too good to be true” when considering upgrading to a newer Honda without having to come up with thousands of dollars. Germain Honda of Beavercreek is excited to introduce you to a new way to get a newer vehicle while keeping your monthly payment similar or even lower than your current one.

Get a Newer Honda

Get a Newer Honda

Receive Above Market for Your Trad

Receive Above Market for Your Trade

New Vehicle Warranty Coverage

New Vehicle Warranty Coverage

Enjoy the Latest Features

Enjoy the Latest Features

2019 Honda Civic

Upgrade to a Newer Honda

Over time, there will be a point in your vehicle’s life cycle where the remaining lease or loan balance can actually be less than what the vehicle is currently worth. At this time, you as the owner can find yourself in an equity position. This equity can be applied towards the upfront costs of a new lease or purchase. If your Honda is currently in this position, you could be eligible to trade-up to a newer vehicle without a significant impact on your budget.

When you lease or buy a vehicle from Germain Honda of Beavercreek, we use specialized software to calculate the remaining lease or loan balance with current manufacturer offers and current market values for used cars. We then interpret this information to identify vehicles which have an equity position. Contact us today to see if your vehicle qualifies!

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Reasons to consider upgrading to a newer Honda:

  • The warranty on your vehicle has expired or is nearing expiration
  • Maintenance costs such as new tires or brakes are expected soon
  • You want access to the latest technology
  • You wish your current vehicle had the latest safety features

Speak with a Vehicle Exchange Specialist

If you’re searching for the thrill of driving a newer Honda, you owe it to yourself to speak with one of our Vehicle Exchange Specialists about your vehicle. We’re experts at upgrading vehicles with our fast, simple, and transparent Honda Vehicle Exchange process. Contact us using the button below to get started!

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