HondaLink App Overview

HondaLink App Overview - Germain Honda of Beavercreek

Travel smarter, stay connected, and link your vehicle to your life no matter where you are with the HondaLink App. Standard on select Honda models — convenience, assistance, and service are all right at your fingertips with this easy-to-use app. HondaLink works with your compatible smartphone to manage the vehicle’s built-in touchscreen system and seamlessly connect you to your car no matter where your travels take you.

HondaLink Services

HondaLink Basic Services – Standard on Select Models

Vehicle Guides Icon

Vehicle Guides

Detailed vehicle information is easily accessible with the digital owner’s manual and guides.

Parking Reminder Icon

Parking Reminder

Never forget where you parked and get walking directions back to your vehicle.

Service Appointments Icon

Service Appointments

Schedule your next service appointment with a Honda-certified dealership.

Recall Notifications Icon

Recall Notifications

Receive important alerts if your vehicle is involved in a recall.

Roadside Assistance Icon

Roadside Assistance

Access 24-hour roadside service, including jump starts, lockout assistance, and more.

HondaLink App Display Screen

Connect with Your Honda Vehicle – Link Services

Dashboard Icon


View up-to-date mileage, fuel level, and oil life readings for your vehicle.

Vehicle Notifications Icon

Vehicle Notifications

Receive alerts when a warning light comes on or if it’s time to schedule maintenance.

Send Destination Icon

Send Destination

Search for destinations on your phone and instantly beam turn-by-turn directions to your navigation system.

Favorites Icon


Save your favorite destinations to the app and easily send them to your vehicle.

2019 Honda HR-V

Peace of Mind – Security Services (Available for select 2018 and newer Touring & Elite Vehicles)

Pricing: $89 / year after complimentary period

Automatic Collision Notification Icon

Automatic Collision Notification

In the event of a crash, a response agent will check-in and request that help be sent, even if passengers are unable to respond.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance Icon

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Get live, responsive help with towing and repair services at the touch of a button.

Emergency Call Icon

Emergency Call

In case of emergency, our trained agents are ready to deliver priority attention and request that help be sent.

Personal Data Wipe Icon

Personal Data Wipe

Remotely reset your navigation system back to its default state and clear any stored information on it.

2019 Honda Civic Coupe

Convenience at a Touch – Remote Services (Available for select 2018 and newer Touring & Elite Vehicles)

Pricing: $110 / year after trial

Remote Start Icon

Remote Start

Arrive at your vehicle with the engine warmed up and the interior set to a comfortable temperature.

Security Alarm Alert Icon

Security Alarm Alert

Receive timely alerts when your vehicle alarm is triggered.

Stolen Vehicle Locator Icon

Stolen Vehicle Locator

Help find your stolen vehicle. The system uses sophisticated technology to assist the authorities with finding your Honda.

Find My Car Icon

Find My Car

Easily pinpoint your car’s parked location right in your app.

Remote Lock & Unlock Icon

Remote Lock & Unlock

Whether you’re locked out or forgot to lock up, count on quick, keyless entry and remote assurance from almost anywhere.

Geofence Alert Icon

Geofence Alert

Keep tabs on your vehicle’s location with alerts that notify you when it enters or leaves a designated area.

Speed Alert Icon

Speed Alert

Receive alerts when your vehicle exceeds a speed limit you set ahead of time.

Destination by Voice Icon

Destination by Voice

Set a destination with your voice and get directions sent to your vehicle.

2019 Honda CR-V HondaLink App

Speak with an Expert – Concierge Services (Available for select 2018 and newer Touring & Elite Vehicles)

Pricing: $260 / year after trial

Personal Concierge Icon

Personal Concierge

Enjoy VIP treatment from knowledgeable specialists who can assist you with planning a last minute trip, booking hotel or restaurant reservations, or finding special events near you.

Which Honda Models Are Compatible with HondaLink?

2019 Honda Models

  • Accord Sedan – Basic, Link, Security, Remote, Concierge
  • Civic Coupe – Basic, Link
  • Civic Hatchback – Basic, Link
  • Civic Sedan – Basic, Link
  • Clarity Plug-In Hybrid – Basic, Link
  • CR-V – Basic, Link
  • Fit – Basic, Link
  • HR-V – Basic
  • Insight – Basic, Link, Security, Remote, Concierge
  • Odyssey – Basic, Link, Security, Remote, Concierge
  • Pilot – Basic, Link, Security, Remote, Concierge
  • Ridgeline – Basic, Link

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